5 Reasons Why Salt therapy should be your routine

October 14, 2019
Salt therapy AKA Halotherapy or Speleotherapy is one of the ancient therapies in the world which dates back to the 18th century. Salt room therapy is being used as a treatment for various diseases like Asthma, Bronchiectasis, COP and to name a few all over the world. Salt therapy is basically an accidental discovery. In the early 1800s, Polish Dr.Felix Botchkowski was surprised by the unbelievable health condition of workers of salt mines in his locale. He observed that they had better lung functioning than those who did not work in the salt mines. Interestingly, they had not experienced any discomforts in the lungs like chronic bronchitis, asthma or pneumonia. He was awestruck because he noticed that people with the respiratory problem had better lung function once they started working in the salt miner. This is what pushed him further to discover Salt therapy. In 1843, Dr.Botchkowski wrote a book about this miracle. Dr.Botchkowski named this magical thing as "Speleotherapy or Halotherapy" which is an archaic term for Salt therapy. "Spelenos" is the Greek term for a cave. Dr.Mstislav Poljokowski, the predecessor of Dr.Botchkowski, established the first-ever Salt spa or Salt cave in Poland. It is in operation even today. 

Apart from mitigating the respiratory problems, Salt therapy has an ample amount of benefits. Check out 5 reasons why you should add salt therapy to your routine. 

Enhance the immune system

Salt therapy is a therapy to clean and detox the respiratory system. However, exposure to pollution is inevitable which will open the gates for allergens and bacteria to the lungs and other respiratory systems. But salt therapy will help to counteract in response to the harmful allergens and bacteria. This will flush the toxins and allergens from the respiratory system thereby enhancing the overall health. 

Stress Release

Salt therapy is great way to relieve stress compared to all other therapies. Inside the salt cave or room, the dry salt aerosol is purged with the help of halogenerator which grinds the salt particle into minute particles. This breaks down the salt particles into ions which creates a negative concentration inside the salt room. These negative ions are believed to calm and relax the nervous system, control the respiration rate, decrease the blood pressure. All these will help to relax and relieve stress. You can just sit relax from your tiring day. 

Promotes Sleep

Negative ions of the salt used in salt therapy are capable of increasing the oxygen levels in the blood, regulating brain functions, enhancing calmness and relaxation. All these properties are essential for getting sound sleep. 

Helps to relieve muscle tension

Since the negative ions are capable of facilitating efficient oxygen utilization by increase the oxygen levels in the blood, it helps to expedite the chronic fatigue and physical recovery from injury, workout sessions. 

Anti-ageing property

Skin is the first and foremost organ in the body to hint the ageing signs. Salt therapy will help to improve the overall skin quality and appearance. Having regular salt therapy session will let you have a healthy skin. Additionally, it will promote the anti-aging property to the skin.