5 reasons why should you have salt therapy to treat allergies

October 14, 2019
Allergies are common and it is caused by the hypersensitive reaction of the immune system to certain things when they are consumed or come in physical contact such as pollen, insect bites, animal fur, pet dander, nuts, eggs, milk, cold air and so on. The substances that trigger the immune system to cause an allergic reaction is known as allergens. Allergens are present in any form such as Food or atmosphere. 

When an individual has acquired allergen, Immunoglobin (IgE) which is an antibody will be released to cause an allergic reaction. This antibody is released to fight against the allergens and immune system consider that as a potential threat to the body. So this specific immunoglobin (IgE) is responsible for the allergic reaction which is caused to destroy the allergens. This chemical is known as Histamine which causes the tightening of the walls of blood vessels and muscles in the airways. Also, this chemical will instruct to produce more mucus on the inner walls of the nose which why most of the allergies result in a runny nose, sneezing, itchy and teary eyes, constant cough.

Salt therapy or Halotherapy is natural drugless treatment which can effectively alleviate the symptoms and regular episodes of these allergies. Here are the 5 reasons why should you have salt therapy to treat allergies:

Antibacterial property of the salt

The salt used in salt therapy has an antibacterial property. Bacteria are capable of triggering or complicating an allergic reaction. The microscopic dry salt aerosol generated by the halogenerator will effectively and efficiently hinder the bacterial growth and multiplication. Also, salt particles will absorb bacteria and flushing them out from the respiratory tract. 

Flushes out Toxins and Allergens

Salt therapy mitigates the allergen affects the respiratory tract and system. In fact, it will absorb the allergens and irritants adsorbed on the respiratory system. This will eventually alleviate the immune response and inflammation and also the symptoms. 

Anti Inflammatory property

Usually, salt therapy rooms are dry and have only minimal humidity which is about 50%. This optimal condition will allow the salt particles to travel deep into the respiratory system and sinuses. It also mitigates the spreading of inflammatory cells, thereby, lowering the symptoms. 

Relieves Discomfort

Headaches, Facial pain and runny nose are common for sinusitis patients. These are caused due to the accumulation of mucus in the sinuses. The accumulation of mucus causes the tension in the sinuses which results in pain. Salt therapy will aid in breaking down the mucus and clear up the respiratory tract and airway. 

Easy Breathing and Promotes Sleep 

As mentioned earlier, dry salt particles used in salt therapy will break down the accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract and sinuses. Thus, allowing easy breathing. This will promote sleep indirectly as there will be less disturbance in sleep as air flows freely.