Anti-Pollution Masks

How to choose the right pollution mask?

The quality of the ambient air goes from bad to worse these days. Buy Anti Pollution masks online, which comes in handy at this time. But keep in mind that the anti-pollution masks must meet the stipulated criteria to be completely effective. It must also be fully sealed between the face and edge of the mask. However, anti pollution mask has also been found among many commercially available disposable face masks do not provide adequate protection because of poor facial fit. The most common mistake people make is wearing a disposable surgical mask in the name of anti pollution mask. This has absolutely no effect in filtering out pollutants.

For the high level of pollution and contamination, the best face masks suitable for one and all are N95 and N99 anti-pollution masks. These anti-pollution masks provide an excellent solution to prevent the detrimental effect of ambient air pollutants. Though both kinds are available in the market, studies show that N99 pollution masks are more effective in filtering 99% of Particulate Matter, while N95 masks filter about 95% of Particulate Matter. Hence it is highly advisable for Bengaluru residents to choose N99 anti-pollution masks only.

What is Particulate Matter?

Along with the air which we breathe, we also breathe tiny particles of chemicals, soil, smoke, dust or allergens, pollutants too. Such particles are called Particular Matter or PM and come from both indoors and outdoors sources. From indoor, the main sources are cooking, burning, candles or fires, cleaning using common chemical products, using hairsprays, aerosol room fresheners or deodorants. Outdoor sources are vehicles, power generators, outdoor garbage burning, crop burning, bursting crackers, industrial and agricultural emissions, the manufacture and distribution of chemicals.

Air Pollution in Bengaluru

Air pollution is one of the main cause and aggravating factor of many respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, cough, various allergies and even lung cancer.

In most cities plagued with acute air pollution, including Bengaluru, it a paradox where people are coaxed to ride a cycle or walk to work in order to reduce the effects of pollution but in turn end up inhaling too much smoke and pollutants!

Even the morning walk, once touted as an indicator for good health, is now being dissuaded by doctors due to the high level of air pollutants which cause people to develop chronic cough, allergies and breathlessness. Another point to be noted is that pollution is often high near busy roads and junctions, especially during morning or evening rush hours more so during the winters.

While, it could be sometime before something concrete is undertaken by the government to tackle the rising pollution problem, one could adopt a simple and cost effective method to counter the ill-effects of pollution – Wear an anti-pollution mask.

Anti-pollution masks are used in many parts of the world to reduce exposure to air pollutants. Some types of mask are effective for filtering outdoor particulate matter, and may reduce the respiratory and cardiovascular health risks associated with severe pollution.

In this day and age, everyone must wear one if exposed to long hours of traffic especially bikers, runners, cyclists, people traveling in auto rickshaws and most important children with respiratory issues.

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What is an Anti pollution mask?

Anti Pollution mask is an air filtering device used to protect the wearer from the air pollutants. The efficacy of anti-pollution masks varies largely depending on the filters and type of masks. There are a variety of anti-pollution masks available online in India which is categorized into disposable or reusable. However, choosing the right mask is always like finding a needle in the haystack.

What to look for in an Anti pollution mask? and How to choose the right Anti pollution mask?

To safeguard yourself from the air pollutants, you should choose the mask that aligns itself with the European quality standards.

Anti-pollution masks that filter out the air pollutants can make a big difference concerning your health. Masks that are approved by the European Quality Standards can effectively and efficiently filter out the air pollutants. These masks are capable of filtering out the PM 2.5 - Particulate Matter - a tiny particle in the air that's size is only one and a half microns or less. These particulate matters can reach the inner respiratory tracts and lungs without any blockages. PM 2.5 can eventually cause health issues like irritation in eyes, nose, throat and lungs with coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath and runny nose. The PM 2.5 exposure will, for sure, adversely affect the lungs' function and other medical conditions like asthma and heart disease. For better protection from these kinds of particles, you may choose masks that are labelled as N99, N95 or P100. These grades are certified and approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Always choose a mask that has at least N95 rating. Choose the mask that fits perfectly and ensure there are no air holes.

N99 and N100

The mask with N99 and N100 grades can effectively filter the PM 2.5 and other air pollutants and particles up to 99 to 99.6%. However, this doesn't make these masks an ideal solution for oil-based pollutants.


These masks are capable of filtering out 95% of impurities and PM ranging from 0.3 to 2.5 microns. N95 masks are the most commonly used anti-pollution mask in India.