Best ways to improve lung health and breathe easy

June 9, 2021

Healthy Lungs for a Happy Life

Have you ever wondered what is the role of your lungs in leading a healthy life? Lung health is important to keep us strong and live a quality life. Healthy lungs allow us to breathe easily and supply oxygen to our blood stream. This happens on a moment-by-moment basis by providing oxygen to every cell in the body and expelling carbon dioxide along the way. Since we know that proper oxygen supply is essential to maintain our overall body health, this depends on our good lung health. Lungs can efficiently manage airflow and oxygen levels when they are healthy and free from chronic lung diseases.

The recent pandemic has taught us life lessons!

COVID-19 has taught us it is always important to keep our body healthy and fit to be able to fight viruses and infections. One of the ways to achieve this is to focus on having stronger lungs. Keeping our lungs as healthy as possible is the best way to ensure all our blood cells are receiving proper oxygen intake to survive and function properly. Lungs need proper care and attention too, just like our other body parts.

Tips to improve lung health

Lungs play an important role in maintaining our health. The efficiency of oxygen supply to our body cells and removing carbon dioxide wastes from the body depends on lung function and lung capacity. Lung function determines how efficiently our body utilizes the oxygen received, whereas lung capacity determines the amount of air our lungs can hold and how quickly the air moves in and out of the lungs. By following certain tips, you can improve your lung health and stay healthy.

1.       Breathing Exercises

Simple breathing exercises like diaphragmatic breathing, pursed lip breathing, balloon breathing and slow deep breathing can help maintain and increase lung capacity. Breathing for lung health is easy to do and help the lungs to work more efficiently.

2.       Practice proper posture

Maintaining a proper posture makes more room for the lungs and helps to increase the lung capacity. This helps the oxygen rich air to reach our heart and muscles.

3.       Avoid indoor and outdoor pollution

Air pollution can have adverse effects on our lungs. There is pollution both indoor and outdoor as well. Breathing in pollutants can irritate the airways and may cause breathlessness, cough asthma and wheezing. Using indoor air purifiers and maintaining your home clean can improve the air quality.

4.       Drink more water

Staying hydrated is the easiest way to contribute towards good lung health. Know your hydration needs and drink enough water to ensure that all the organs of the body are functioning well.

5.       Stay active

Regular exercise increases lung capacity and lung function and help them to perform better. The more you exercise and keep yourself active, it is easier for the lungs to efficiently supply oxygen to heart and muscles.

6.       Laughing and singing

Laughing and singing works the abdominal muscles and works on the lungs. Laughing also helps to force stale air out of the lungs making more room for fresh air to enter.

7.       Salt Therapy – A natural and drugless therapy to improve your lung health

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, make salt therapy / halotherapy as a weekly health routine to improve your overall lung health and boost immunity towards respiratory illness.

Salt Therapy in India

Salt Therapy is a natural and drugless therapy that uses medical-grade natural salt to treat various respiratory and skin problems. This is carried out in a salt room where the walls and ceiling are made of special salt. With the help of a halogenerator, the minute salt particles are dispersed into the salt room and supply the salt-laden air inside the salt room / salt cave.

Salt Therapy helps to

·      Cleanse and detoxify lungs

·      Cleaner and stronger respiratory system

·      Open airways

·      Eliminates allergens, bacteria and contaminants

·      Relieves respiratory illness

·      Increased oxygen intake

·      Promotes overall health and wellness

·       Natural remedy to improve lung health

During salt therapy sessions, the minute salt particles are inhaled deep into the lungs and absorbed into the airways. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt help to absorb various allergens, toxins and other impurities from the lungs and throughout the respiratory tract. This process helps to cleanse and detoxify the lungs by eliminating residual tar, accelerating the transportation of mucus. The anti-inflammatory properties of salt naturally attack and clears the bacteria and contaminants in your lungs, thus reducing swelling and inflammation.  Salt therapy sessions helps individuals to relieve from respiratory infections and promotes improved breathing. A cleaner respiratory system widens your airways and naturally results in more oxygen intake and increased lung capacity. 


By incorporating healthy habits like quit smoking, regular exercise, staying hydrated, practising breathing exercises, less exposure to pollution, natural salt therapy to improve lung health, you can keep your lungs working efficiently for life. Visit to book your salt therapy session and start your journey towards achieving a cleaner respiratory system and healthy lungs.