COPD cough

April 4, 2022
COPD can cause your lungs to generate too much mucus, causing you to cough a lot. Some coughs are more successful than others at removing mucus from the lungs. Airways collapse and spasm as a result of explosive or uncontrolled coughing, trapping mucus.
COPD Cough is frequently the first sign of the illness. The chronic bronchitis component of pulmonary disease is diagnosed if your cough lasts three months or longer for at least two years, according to the Mayo Clinic. Even if there are no other indications of disease, the cough may occur every day.
Cough is one of the most frequent COPD symptoms, and it can have a significant influence on a person's quality of life. A cough caused by COPD is frequently productive, meaning the sufferer coughs up mucus or phlegm. Some persons with COPD, however, may experience a dry cough. COPD and asthma sufferers are included.Live Cough free with Salt Therapy for COPD at SaltWorld.