COPD phlegm

April 11, 2022
COPD can cause your lungs to generate too much mucus, causing COPD cough. Some coughs are more successful than others at removing mucus from the lungs. Airways collapse and spasm as a result of explosive or uncontrolled coughing, trapping mucus. Sputum can be clear or foamy, and it can be clear or white (mucoid). Sputum that is more viscous, cloudy, or opaque (mucopurulent).If you have an infection, you may notice that your sputum becomes darker in colour, with a yellow or green tinge. Obstructive airway disease is characterised by shortness of breath, a chronic cough, and thick, frequently colourful mucus (phlegm) that you cough up.Keep your infections under control with Salt Therapy for COPD at Saltworld.