Improve your endurance and stamina with salt therapy


How salt therapy helps

Athletes and vocal intensive professionals like singers, musicians can benefit from salt therapy. Every athlete and performers aim is to deliver their maximum potential. Athletes and artists perform well with an optimised breathing pattern. When an athlete has poor breathing patterns it may:

  • Reduce stamina and performance.
  • Increase lactic acid production resulting in residual muscle soreness.
  • Increase dehydration.
  • Limit gaseous exchange in the lungs.
  • Elevate the heart rate and increases anxiety.
  • Decrease in energy levels and concentration.

Salt therapy normalises breathing pattern, improves the lung function and builds stamina thus helping them to achieve their maximum potential. The neutralising force of salt gives a de-stressing and relaxing effect. International sports teams and singers often undertake salt therapy sessions to enhance their performance.

Salt Therapy is a complementary therapy to provide relief from the symptoms and work in conjunction with existing medication, resulting in even greater relief.

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