Our ancestors believed and have used salt extensively for the treatment of respiratory and skin conditions. During the Grecian Age, the Greek physician and Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates recommended steam inhalation with salt to treat respiratory issues. Around 150 years ago, the European monks noticed that patients who were treated in salt caverns recovered faster than those treated elsewhere. In 1830, Felix Boczkowski, a Polish physician studied that the mine workers of Wieliczka had fewer respiratory and skin problems. Inhalation of the salt dust particles was identified as the reason.

During World War II, Dr Spannahel, German physician noticed that those who took shelter in the salt mines felt significant relief from their respiratory problems. Dr Spannahel and Dr Kessler, a Hungarian geologist built the Klyutert caves by simulating the natural salt condition to treat respiratory diseases.


The discovery of salt dust and its use in medical treatment paved the way for further research. In 1964, Mieczyskow Skulimowski started the Kinga Allergy Treatment at Wieliczka, the worlds fist underground salt treatment centre. Positive results led more individuals to treat their respiratory and skin problems. In 1980, Dr Alina Chervinskaya, Russian pulmonary physician identified that the negative ions of the dry salt particles were the key therapeutic element. In 1985, Halogenator’s (devices used for dispersing salt) were used at the Odessa Institute of Balneology to simulate the environmental condition of the salt mines. Thus, the Halotherapy or Salt Therapy originated.


Salt Therapy has been accepted worldwide as a natural and safe treatment to people with respiratory and skin ailments. Salt clinics have opened in Europe, Australia, UK and the US where thousands benefit from this drugless and relaxing therapy. In India, Salt therapy is in its nascent stage and wellness centres are being set up to bring this popular treatment to the people.

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