Healing Stories

“I have Asthma, Hay fever and allergy to pollen. After the 5th session I felt something in my neck, it felt unusual. But it was a good thing. Through all of my other sessions they helped me with a lot of my problems. It’s very relaxing, calm and I really like the lights on the ceiling. I hope you have a happy future!”

Diamanta K.

“The first day I came I could hardly breathe through my nose and I was constantly swallowing the mucous. After the first session I felt less congested, could breathe better during the night. I came regularly for the sessions and after several treatments the pressure became less on my sinuses also my headache has gone.”

Carmen H.

“As a yoga teacher it is really important for me to find complementary therapies that help release toxins and improve breathing. The Salt Cave is a beautiful relaxing environment to do just that. Some days I can stream with hayfever and it can ruin my day. The Salt Cave is a natural alternative to taking medication and instantly effective. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Tish W.

“I suffer from COPD and get recurrent chest infections which can be very debilitating. Since regular sets of sessions (6 x every other day) each month or so I have found such infections have all but stopped and my breathing has eased. The staff at The Salt Caves are great, too!”

Anthony O.

“My lung function has greatly improved and I no longer have shortness of breath doing everyday activities. It has reduced my hospital admissions and I am generally feeling a lot healthier. People have commented on how well I look. I have also stopped taking my hay fever tablets as I no longer need them. Brilliant! Thank you!”