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Salt World provides complete package and turnkey solution to open a salt room in any premises like hotel, resort, spa, yoga center, private home, apartment, hospital, clinic, massage center, shopping mall, school, pre-school, etc.

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Salt Therapy Business - Salt World's Salt Room

Our mission is to make salt therapy available to everyone. Whether you are an investor, business or private user, let us reproduce the ideal salt cave microclimate. We build the unique custom salt room to accommodate your space, taste and environment.

Resorts and Spas have increasingly been installing salt therapy facilities around the world for treatment and relaxation. Salt Therapy treatment has become an effective, safe, natural remedy for many illnesses. As importantly, it allows your kids to build their immunity naturally and avoids frequent sick days. Also it helps you to relieve from stress by enriching your mind, body and soul.

We can build your salt room of any size. We use high quality, natural sea salt to reproduce the natural salt cave / salt room. We provide the right lighting and sound solutions to make your salt room into a perfect, private oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

Your family, friends and customers will all benefit from a natural drug-free treatment for their respiratory and skin problems, while cleansing and sanitizing their airways.

Salt World Offerings

  • Halogenerator / Dry salt aerosol generator with ONE year warranty
  • Free Training on Halotherapy and Marketing Strategies
  • Deliver your cave within 4-6 weeks
  • Onsite support and maintenance anywhere in the world

Why become a Salt World Franchise Partner?

  • Market leader with great exposure to the growing health and wellness sector
  • Simple operations with minimal staffing
  • Low investment with High Profit
  • Experienced operational and marketing support

Salt World Salt Therapy Franchise is an unique business opportunity. Would you like own a business that makes a positive difference to the health of your community?

Call us, if you are a dynamic and ambitious with a head for business and a passion for helping others.

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