About Snoring

Snoring is a condition when a harsh or hoarse sound is produced when the flow of air is obstructed in the mouth and nose during sleep. Air flow can be obstructed by a combination of factors, including

Symptoms Of Snoring

  • Loud sound with vibrations during sleep
  • Erratic breathing patterns during sleep
  • Restless sleep
  • Gasping or choking at night

How Salt World can help

Several clients have reported positive results for reduction or complete stopping of snoring after taking salt therapy. Salt therapy is mainly benefits nasal snorers. This type of snorer often makes noise during sleep because of narrow airway which hinders natural breathing. This reason for this can be several such as excess build up of excess in the airway tracks, deviated septum, nasal polyp, sinusitis, or blocked nose due to cold.

Salt therapy is unique because

  • Salt therapy is a drugless and non-invasive treatment.
  • Inhaling salt articles help relieve nasal congestion as it is anti-inflammatory
  • Regular salt therapy keeps the nasal passage clear and enables one to breathe easily in the night

How often should you come for the therapy

It helps to start with Salt therapy thrice a week and continue it till your symptoms disappear.

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