Salt World - Bangalore's best unique space for your meetups and workshops.

April 24, 2019
Salt World is opening its door of its Salt caves to healers, therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, and yoga or meditation instructors to conduct their consultations, training or workshops on rental basis. We offer a serene, natural and impeccable ambience for a unique experience. Here you can meet clients, conduct workshops, yoga sessions, healing therapies in a natural setting, without any din and disturbances.

Our pristine white and sterile interiors provide a soothing and calming ambience practice space to conduct these activities or meetups. The floor and walls of the cave are covered with pure natural sea salt that charges the air in the room with negative ions, relaxes the body, and calms the mind.

Negative ions are generally found in pure and untouched locales such as mountaintops, waterfalls, riverside, forests and beaches. When exposed to these ions, they rejuvenate the body and mind leaving you blissful and tranquil.

Salt World has two Salt caves to cater to your need and requirement. One is the Kids salt cave which comes packed with books, toys and board games. The Adults cave is a larger space with additional seating capacity. It is ideal for conducting both private and group sessions in a formal setting.

The salt room is sound proof with a serene ambience, which provides an ideal reading space for you to curl up and read your favorite book!

The salt caves are also open to corporate companies for meetings, team outings, or to just provide a healthy day out for your employees. It is also a perfect hangout space for family get-together.

Schools, day care centers, kindergarten schools can rent the Salt cave for couple of hours to provide an engaging, fun- filled and health day out for children. Kids can read, play with the salt or just take a snooze in here as they get healed and boost their immunity.

Call +91 9986388677 / +91 9880103741 for exciting packages and deals.

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