How do float tanks benefit skin health and hair growth?
June 29, 2021

Sensory deprivation tank benefits for skin and hair

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank filled with lukewarm water and Epsom salt provides deep relaxation and helps you to better manage your stress and anxiety. Apart from providing relief from your mental stimulation and physical stress, float therapy also benefits your skin health and hair growth. If you are tired of using many products on your skin and hair, try this one-step float session to heal your skin and hair.
How does Float Therapy / Floatation Therapy help to absorb magnesium?
June 13, 2021

How to improve magnesium absorption through Float Therapy?

Magnesium is a mineral that nearly many people are deficient in. Magnesium can be taken through supplements, but not everyone can digest it easily. So floating is the best way to easily absorb magnesium which immediately relaxes muscles and calms nerves. If you are wondering how magnesium absorption through float therapy works, here is everything you need to know.

Top 7 tips to improve lung health
June 9, 2021

Best ways to improve lung health and breathe easy

COVID-19 has taught us it is always important to keep our body healthy and fit to be able to fight viruses and infections. One of the ways to achieve this is to focus on having stronger lungs. Keeping our lungs as healthy as possible is the best way to ensure all our blood cells are receiving proper oxygen intake to survive and function properly. Lungs need proper care and attention too, just like our other body parts.

Himalayan Salt Lamps – Tips and tricks for proper care and maintenance to stop your salt lamps from sweating.
May 23, 2021

Tips and Tricks to maintain Himalayan salt lamps and stop them from sweating.

If you have already bought a Himalayan salt lamp for your home, you must be wondering how to clean your pink salt lamp. This is just a simple process. 
Patients trying Salt Therapy / Halotherapy for post COVID recovery
May 15, 2021

Salt Therapy / Halotherapy treatment for post COVID recovery

A recent article about the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poland states that patients who tried Salt Therapy / Halotherapy after being exposed to COVID-19 are seeing positive results in breathing better and overall physical health. They are happy and satisfied with the benefits of salt therapy in post COVID-19 recovery.
How Float therapy for Fibromyalgia effectively benefits individuals to reduce pain, anxiety and depression?
April 12, 2021

Float Therapy / Epsom Salt Bath for Fibromyalgia

Floating for fibromyalgia patients helps with both physical end emotional relief. Read the blog to know how floatation therapy for fibromyalgia helps relieve pain and anxiety.
Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy for Migraine Relief
April 8, 2021

How does floatation therapy / float therapy help to relieve migraines?

Float Therapy in sensory deprivation tanks is shown to be effective to treat migraines, injuries, muscle tension, stress and anxiety and more.  Check out to know how floatation therapy helps reduce migraine attacks.
What is Halite Yoga or Salt Room Yoga?
January 27, 2021

Salt Therapy Yoga / Halite Yoga / Salt Room Yoga

Halite Yoga is unique yoga which focus on freeing up the lungs and entire thoracic cavity which is especially useful for those with respiratory problems. This yoga is being practiced in our Halite (Salt) room, a powerful healing environment where micro-particles of salt will dance around you during your yoga session.
Salt Therapy cleanses damaged lungs and Sensory Deprivation Therapy helps in De Addiction
January 27, 2021

Quit smoking and Breathe easy with Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy is a boon for smokers to cleanse their damaged lungs, our Sensory Deprivation Therapy helps smokers to de addict.
Float Therapy | Sensory Deprivation Tank | Isolation Tank | Float Tank for Sports persons at Bangalore
December 17, 2020

Floatation: The X-Factor for Sports persons & Fitness Enthusiasts

Mr. Terry Phelan, a former footballer of
and current director of
football club who had played various international matches, have visited Salt World (on 14-Jan-2021) to experience Sensory Deprivation at our Asia's largest zero gravity Float Tank.

Floatation therapy can be a game changer for both budding and active athletes and sports persons. Studies suggest that floating in a sensory deprivation tank can aid in several ways such as muscle relaxation, improved sleep, reduction in pain, and lowering levels of stress and anxiety.

Couple Float Therapy - Combining the benefits of deep transcendental meditation, contactless massage and retreat!
October 15, 2020

Couple’s Float Therapy to reconnect with your partner

Relaxing or chilling is the last thing on our minds, most of the time, not because we don’t want to, but because we are always running short of time. Yet, as individuals and as couples, we need to find a definite way to not just beat the blues, heal and rejuvenate, but also rekindle the connection with our better half. A reconnecting of souls, doing something together and is therapeutic at the same time. Couple’s Floatation at Salt World, a contactless therapy is one activity that comes to mind that fulfils all the above!

How Float Therapy helps in boosting immunity?
July 28, 2020

Flotation Therapy for Boosting the Immune System

Keeping the immune system healthier is everyone's priority now to defend from disease-causing microorganisms. Numerous studies have been conducted on the correlation between floatation therapy and being able to build a strong immune system. In the past few decades, especially in a 1983 study by neuroendocrinologist John Turner and psychologist Thomas Fine, the duo have demonstrated the benefits of this unique and effective therapy. They concur that floating in a high-concentration of salt water receptacle effectively brings down adrenaline and cortisol which are key factors that affect the body’s immune system. Many studies have also described a direct link between high levels of cortisol in the body and many subsequent propensity to various ailments. This hormone alters the immune system adversely and increases the effects of adrenaline on tissues of the body.

10 Easy Recipes to Boost Immunity
April 14, 2020

Top IMMUNITY Boosting ideas with 10 easy recipes and tips to get you started

Immunity has become a hot topic of discussion, now more than ever before as the world is battling the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Healthcare professionals and nutritionists are now flooded with questions regarding immunity boosting foods which can easily be incorporated in their lifestyle. The term immunity has replaced other buzzwords like fat loss, fat burning foods, flat belly, belly fat, high protein, healthy fats, low cabs etc which until recent weeks people were obsessed with.

A point of note before we go further: No one has immunity to the Coronavirus. Once contacted patients may experience no symptoms which is called asymptomatic to various mild to severe depending on age, comorbidity (already suffering from more than one disorder) of the patient and overall health.

Increase Immunity with Salt Therapy
April 2, 2020

How Salt Therapy helps to increase Immunity

Salt therapy is the most promising and magical therapy to mitigate or sometimes cure serious respiratory problems and skin disorders. Salt therapy doesn't involve intake of drug and medicine rather it is a drugless treatment to eradicate most of the respiratory disorders. Now, many reports state that salt therapy tends to increase immunity in the long run. Read further to know how Salt Therapy increases immunity. 
Salt Therapy for Elderly
April 2, 2020

Why Salt Therapy is Apt for Elderly

Since the infections and other health related issues start to show up as we grow old, salt therapy looks like the most favourable treatment for respiratory and skin disorders. Because the healing ability of the 100% pure Sodium Chloride (NaCl) salt is incontrovertible. Read this blog further Why salt therapy is apt for the elderly. 
Salt therapy & Sinusitis
April 2, 2020

How Salt Therapy can cure Sinusitis

Sinusitis is contamination or infection of the sinuses resulting from bacteria or microorganism or virus. Since Salt therapy can effectively clear off the nasal passage from foreign substances, many doctors and physicians suggest salt therapy to cure sinusitis.
Salt Therapy & Blood Pressure
April 2, 2020

Does Salt therapy raise blood pressure

Before getting a salt therapy, most people are concerned about "Does Salt Therapy raise blood Pressure?". This question is very common and comes from the fact that eating too much salt will raise blood pressure. Read this blog further to know if it does raise the blood pressure or not.

Float Therapy or Sensory Deprivation Tank
December 11, 2019

The Fantastic Float at Salt World - A beginner’s guide

People float to relieve themselves from stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more. Studies indicate the floating increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterwards.

Without the need to fight gravity or take in external information, you will likely experience the most complete relaxation you have ever felt.  To put it concisely, Fantastic float therapy at Salt World can become part of your lifestyle to gain optimal health and wellness.

October 14, 2019

5 reasons why should you have salt therapy to treat allergies

Allergies are common and it is caused by the hypersensitive reaction of the immune system to certain things when they are consumed or come in physical contact such as pollen, insect bites, animal fur, pet dander, nuts, eggs, milk, cold air and so on. The substances that trigger the immune system to cause an allergic reaction is known as allergens. Allergens are present in any form such as Food or atmosphere.
October 14, 2019

5 Reasons Why Salt therapy should be your routine

Salt therapy AKA Halotherapy or Speleotherapy is one of the ancient therapies in the world which dates back to the 18th century. Salt room therapy is being used as a treatment for various diseases like Asthma, Bronchiectasis, COP and to name a few all over the world. Salt therapy is basically an accidental discovery.
October 9, 2019

Seven myths about Salt therapy

This is the most common question we get from our customer before the session. Most people often confused with the fact that excessive salt intake will increase blood pressure. But salt therapy will not increase blood pressure or hypertension. Because the salt particles used in the salt therapy is a dry aerosol which enters your respiratory tract and not your digestive tract. Hence, it is safe and any person suffering from BP can easily take the therapy.
August 31, 2019

Salt therapy for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

COPD is a condition or disease which makes it hard to breathe. COPD is described as a blockage to the airflow in and out of the lungs. This particular disease is caused due to damaged lungs for many years which usually results from smoking and chemical exposure.
Sleep Apnea
August 21, 2019

Salt Therapy for Sleep Apnea

If you repeatedly start and stop breathing when asleep categorized by symptoms like loud snoring and feeling fatigue after a full night’s sleep then you must be suffering from a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. The main types of sleep apnea are as follows
Eczema and Psoriasis
August 21, 2019

Salt therapy for Eczema and Psoriasis

In Greek meaning of Eczema means to boil out. Eczema is a condition in which skin swells up and becomes red, itchy and scaly. Eczema is also known as dermatitis. Eczema can crop up on face, inside elbows, on feet or on hand. It is not contagious. It is a long lasting disease. People suffering from eczema may develop fever or asthma. 
August 21, 2019

How Salt Therapy helps to manage Anxiety?

Anxiety is nothing but the jittery nervous feelings which you get when you worry about something which is about to happen. If you have mild anxiety then it will not affect your day to day activities but if you have severe anxiety disorder then your quality of life will be affected. 
Hire our Salt Room
April 24, 2019

Salt World - Bangalore's best unique space for your meetups and workshops.

Salt World is opening its door of its Salt caves to healers, therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, and yoga or meditation instructors to conduct their consultations, training or workshops on rental basis. We offer a serene, natural and impeccable ambiance for a unique experience. Here you can meet clients, conduct workshops, yoga sessions, healing therapies in a natural setting, without any din and disturbances. 
How to breathe better?
April 21, 2019

Top Breathing Techniques for Runners

Being healthy and fit is the most important item on most people's 'bucket list'. Although that is easier said than done, everyone with that goal strives hard to put in at least 5 hours a week of exercise. The favorite exercise for many is RUNNING- plain and simple. However, newbies to the workout scene tend to commit many cardinal mistakes that can do more harm than good! Here we will explore best breathing techniques for running.
Remedies for frequent cold and flu
April 21, 2019

How to get rid of your frequent cold and flu naturally?

Come winter season and it’s a known fact that catching a common cold and flu is just a matter of time. With a weak immune system, the frequency of catching cold and flu increases drastically. One member of the family, a colleague in your office or a passerby needs to sneeze or cough and you could immediately catch one too
Halite Yoga or Salt Room Yoga session
April 21, 2019

India’s First Salt Room Yoga now at Salt World

Salt World launched India’s first Halite Yoga session at its center in HSR Layout, Bengaluru on 2 October, 2018. Commonly known as Salt Room Yoga, 15 participants experienced firsthand the healing and therapeutic benefits of Halite Yoga in the free demo class
National Nutrition Week 2018
April 21, 2019

Nutrition session on Respiratory and Skin Health at Salt World

Salt World organised an interactive and informative session titled 'Ideal Nutrition and Diet for Respiratory and Skin Health' on 8th September, 2018 at its premises in HSR Layout. The session was conducted by renowned Nutritionist and Dietitian Geetha GH who spoke on the importance of adopting a holistic lifestyle
Epsom Salt
April 21, 2019

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of EPSOM Salt

Magnesium Sulphate, popularly known as Epsom salt is popularly used as a foot soak or in a bath but there are several benefits attached to it. These remedies are so effective that Epsom Salt is a must in every household
April 21, 2019

The best way to keep your child safe and healthy is to strengthen the immune system.

The child is the most precious aspect of anyone’s life. Even the slightest problem with them can make parents worried. With the advent of the modern world where around 80% of natural forest have been destructed and pollution rising high, the health issues have grown
April 21, 2019

With the help of salt therapy, you can overcome all these problems and get a sound sleep.

Does your partner snore a lot? I know many of us face this issue and sometimes it can be troublesome. Imagine a situation where you want to fall asleep, but the snore keeps on hampering your sound sleep. Well, there are many claims to solve this problem
April 21, 2019

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a serious problem, it affects not only the person but also the people around them, Today, lung cancer has become a common problem, and the reason for the same is smoking. Well, I will not take the things to such serious issues but would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are other repercussions of smoking