Float Tank for Kids

April 25, 2024

A float tank is a spacious float pool filled with lukewarm water and high concentrated Epsom salt. This achieves buoyancy in the pool so that anyone can float effortlessly. A floatation tank or sensory deprivation tank is simply an act of complete relaxation of body and mind in a distraction free, zero-gravity environment. This summer vacation let your kids try float therapy and see how it benefits them.

Float Tank for Kids

Are kids allowed to float in float tanks? This is the commonly asked question regarding float tanks for kids. Yes, kids can certainly use float tanks and experience many benefits. Just like how floating helps adults to reduce stress and anxiety, floating also offers kids various physical and mental benefits. Kids also might develop stress in their own ways due to issues at home or school, being tired after their regular activities etc.  Float therapy for kids helps to cope with their stress and tiredness. There are many other benefits of float tank for kids.

Physical Benefits of Float tank for kids

  1. Boosts one’s immune system
  2. Increased endorphin production
  3. Prevention of sports injuries
  4. Faster athletic recovery
  5. Improved absorption of nutrients
  6. Improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue, and mucin proteins.
  7. Improved quality of sleep

Mental Benefits of Float therapy for Kids

  1. Accelerated learning
  2. Heightened mental clarity and alertness
  3. Increased creativity, problem solving
  4. Drastic reductions in anxiety.

Furthermore, floating enables kids to get rid of certain addictions, phobias and destructive habits. With all these benefits, 60 mins of floating in the float tanks will definitely leave a long-lasting positive impact on the child. Visit SaltWorld to know more details.

Is floating safe for kids?

Yes, Floating is physically safe for children and no prior swimming experience is required to float. The presence of Epsom salt in the float tank creates buoyancy and increased water density and hence your kids can float effortlessly. While kids’ safety is the number one priority, here are some guidelines required for a safe floating experience.

  1. Make sure your child is comfortable in the light proof and sound proof environment.
  2. For children aged less than 12, a parent/guardian should accompany
  3. Stay within your child’s reach and see what works for the kid.
  4. Since the water depth is only 10 to 12 inches, there are no chances of drowning.

Float Therapy for Students

These days students are very busy in their daily lives with their studies, exams, assignments, sports, personal relationships and various other activities. It is easy for them to develop stress, anxiety or loss of sleep. The right amount of stress is always good as it encourages students to focus on their career and growth. But if the stress exists for a long time and they are unable to handle it, it might lead to a lack of focus and other health risks. The best way to calm their mind and relax their body is to try float therapy. Float therapy for students has many benefits as students can experience a deep level of relaxation which is equal to many hours of meditation.

Benefits of Float Therapy for Students

  1. Provides deep relaxation for body and mind
  2. Helps to disconnect from the constant sensory overload.
  3. Helps to develop skills to deal with challenging situations
  4. Relieves stress before exams
  5. Improves clarity of thoughts, focus and productivity

Kids Float Tank at Salt World

At Salt World, we have the best designed float tank for kids. Our wellness centre is well maintained with all the safety and hygiene standards. We have well experienced staff to guide you the right way. Book your float session today and see how float therapy can help your kids. Here are some important guidelines to be followed when you book a kids float.

1. Only kids aged 8+ are allowed

2. Should be Physically fit

3. Minimum 60mins float

4. Get your own swim cap & goggles

5. Only nylon swimsuit is allowed