Nandi Hills - A Spot for Adventure Activities in Bangalore

February 18, 2024


Nandi Hills is one of the favorite hot spots for people in Bangalore or for the people who planning an advantaged trip to Bangalore. Situated in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka, this place is famous among the adventure junkies. From Nandi Hills, you can have the most beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings. The management of Nandi Hills has decided to introduce several adventure sports for the tourists visiting these beautiful hills. 

The initiative by the horticulture department 

The horticulture department manages the Nandi Hills, they took the initiative to run adventure activities in Nandi Hills. This initiative was taken on the government level according to Ravichandra S, who is a special officer of Nandi Hills. A pilot project on adventurous sports in this area was carried out and the initiative was based on the response received. 

What was the pilot project? 

It was a trial project carried out by an adventure institute offering a few advanced activities for three months. About 700 people took part in this project. People loved the idea of launching adventurous sports in Nandi Hills and due to these positive responses the people government decided to approve the proposal of launching adventure activities in Nandi Hills. 

The government then decided to launch a professional adventure institute to carry out some of the thrilling adventure sports for a year. Deciding which adventure sport should be offered was based on the responses of people from the trial period. Adventure sports to be offered with professional guidance was one of the most popular demands among people. 

Priority of adventure sports initiative 

As per the horticulture department, the main purpose of this initiative was to offer the best experience to people visiting Nandi Hills. This initiative was not to generate the revenue from the adventure sports. They also said that visitors don't need to try adventure sports, they should only go for it if they are comfortable. 

They also specified that third-party liability and accident coverage should be facilitated by the contracts to ensure the benefit of the general public indulging in the sport. 

Adventure activities in Nandi Hills 

1. Zip lining: Zip-lining, which is a thrilling activity, is an adventure sport that requires one to slide through a cable suspended between platforms and this often happens amidst exciting landscapes. The participants are secured to a pulley thereby providing an exhilarating gravity-defying experience. Commonly practiced in many different places worldwide, zip-lining provides an adrenaline rush and a distinct view of the natural setting making it a fascinating leisure activity.

2. Rappelling: Rappelling is an adventurous sport that reminds one of descending a vertical surface with a rope and special equipment. Participants gradually descend, relying on technique and strength. Either from the edge of cliffs or of waterfalls, rappelling is a sporting activity full of adrenaline, infusing the thrill with the beauty of landscapes, thus being an enjoyable leisure activity.

3. Burma loop: it is an activity where you’ll walk on a large loop of ropes to reach the other end of the platform. This activity requires lots of focus, leg control, and strength.  This is one of the exciting activities which requires concentration and strength. 

4. Cycling: cycling through wonderful landscapes, challenging terrain, or majestic altitude is one of the most exciting things to do in Nandi Hills. This activity will take you on a thrilling journey that will also soothe your soul. This can be one of the highlights of your trip to Bangalore. 

5. Paragliding: Paragliding at Nandi Hills provides an exciting adventure as one can marvel at the almost endless scenic views. The region features the most attractive wind and scenery among the paragliding destinations. Adventurers can experience the exhilaration of flying as well as marvelous views of Nandi Hills and its surroundings.


How to reach 

By air: Nandi Hills lacks an airport. The nearest major airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore which is about 60 kilometers away. Starting from the airport, one can choose to hire a taxi or opt for other means of public transport to make a journey to Nandi Hills and experience a beautiful drive past the sights of nature.

By train: Nandi Hills doesn't have a direct train station. The main railway station nearest to it is Bangalore City. From here you can take a cab or use public transportation to get to Nandi Hills about 61 km away. It is very easy to get buses and taxis to travel conveniently to these spots.

By road: The best way to reach Nandi Hills by road is to take the Bangalore International Airport Road to Chikkaballapur and follow the roadmakers to Nandi Hills. It is about a 1.5 - 2 hour' drive from Bangalore, along the beautifully landscaped roads with good maintenance.

7 tips for visiting Nandi Hills

  1. You can plan a trip to Nandi Hills throughout the year except during the monsoon season, it is better to avoid planning a holiday because it can be dangerous.
  2. Do not feed anything to the dogs and monkeys if you come across them
  3. Make sure you keep the windows of your car shut
  4. Carry your lunch box because there are not many options available for food. 
  5. Do carry the camera to capture the beauty of Nandi hills 
  6. You should reach your hotels before 6 pm as it gets dark at that time and the chances of crimes increase. 
  7. If you want to witness the real beauty of this place you must wake up early in the morning. 


Nandi in its own right is a lovely place very close to Bangalore and therefore an opportunity you just cannot afford to miss if you crave a rejuvenating holiday in the wild. Thus, stop thinking now, and let’s quickly go on the road less traveled. book a trip to Nandi Hills now and create some amazing memories.