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March 20, 2023

Are float tanks safe during pregnancy?

If you are one among those wondering if float tanks are safe during pregnancy, the answer is YES. Floating during pregnancy is safe and can offer you a lot of benefits. Floating takes off the strain from your body and spine thus allowing you to escape the added weight of pregnancy. However far along you are in pregnancy, it is safe to float. Here is everything you need to know.

Pregnancy is one of the biggest life changing events that women experience. While each pregnancy is unique, most mothers face different experiences during pregnancy that often can be quite uncomfortable. From muscle pain to cramps, from physical health to an emotional rollercoaster, it can be a struggle for some women. To relax during pregnancy, while some women choose parental yoga, swimming and hula hooping, others choose to float during pregnancy.

Floating during pregnancy

A float tank or a sensory deprivation tank is a tank filled with Epsom salt and water heated to our skin temperature. Float tanks offer REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) where a person experiences minimal sensory stimulation and complete relaxation. Floating during pregnancy enables a pleasant sensation of well-being, calmness and alleviates pains and aches. It is one of the best relaxation techniques that can promote restful sleep.

1.      Pregnant women may benefit from floating more than the general public.

2.      Floating during pregnancy is a fantastic method to relax and recover in a therapeutic environment.

3.      Some studies even show that float therapy may help to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and depression during pregnancy

4.      Floating is the only natural therapy that negates gravity.

5.      Sensory deprivation tank offers a myriad of benefits for both mother and baby.

Benefits of floating during pregnancy

From promoting quality sleep to alleviating some of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, float therapy has many benefits for pregnant women.

1.      Relieves stress and anxiety

2.      Reduces back pain including sciatica

3.      Promotes better sleep and emotional stability

4.      Reduces inflammation and swelling in the body

5.      Reduces general body aches and joint pains

6.      Offers natural therapeutic benefits

7.      Mirror effect strengthens parental bonding

8.      Provides a beautiful sensation of wellness and serenity

Float therapy during pregnancy – Tips to float safely

Floating while pregnant is the best way to relax and reduce your pains and discomfort caused due to excess weight on your spine and feet. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before choosing to float while pregnant. While it is not advised to float during the first trimester of your pregnancy, floating during your last trimester might help you relax and relieve the stress and body aches. Choosing the best float position is also important so that you can safely float without any discomfort. Practice slow breaths during floating and completely relax in the distraction free environment.

Best Float Positions during pregnancy

While float therapy during pregnancy offers many benefits during pregnancy, it is also important to choose a safe and comfortable position while floating. Here are the best float positions to float safely during pregnancy.

1.      Floating belly down

2.      Floating with a pool noodle

3.      Floating with crossed arms

4.      Floating with elbow support

Why choose Salt World for floating in pregnancy

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