Best kid friendly place in Bangalore - Salt Cave at Salt World

April 10, 2023

Taking kids out for a day to a place where they can relax and enjoy is one of the most important things parents have to do. When you select a kid friendly place in Bangalore, kids can have the best time playing around, connecting with nature and spending time with family. In this article, we are going to discuss the best kid friendly place in Bangalore where kids can heal as they play. Yes, along with playing and relaxing, kids can get many health benefits.

Best kid friendly place in Bangalore - Salt Cave at Salt World

Salt cave at salt world Bangalore is the best place for kids where they can play and receive many health benefits as well. What is a salt cave? A salt cave or a salt room is a special room where the ceiling and walls are made of special salt. Along with the salt-made walls, the salt cave is supplied with salt-laden air that is generated by a halogenerator. The process of inhaling these microscopic salt particles is called salt therapy. 

Salt Cave at Salt World

Salt cave at Salt World is specially designed to be kid friendly so that kids don’t even realize they are being treated with salt therapy.  Our play and heal room has everything from toys, puzzles, games, books to television to keep them engaged. In the salt room, they can dig in the salt, read a book or watch television, all while receiving the benefits of non-invasive salt therapy. As kids breathe in salt, the microscopic salt particles enter their respiratory tract and eliminate toxins and allergens. You will notice long-term health improvement. Kids will become active and strong with better immunity. We recommend salt therapy for children above 6 months of age.

·       Salt cave provides a playful environment while they receive natural therapeutic relief for various paediatric respiratory conditions like asthma, cold, cough, chest congestion and skin infections

·       Interactive, engaging and healing space perfect for your kids day out

·       Best of all, salt therapy is not stressful or scary for kids rather it is fun and exciting. Book an appointment for salt therapy at salt world Bangalore.

Salt Therapy Benefits for Kids

If you are wondering how salt cave benefits kids, here is everything you need to know. These days due to toxic pollution children face many health problems. This shows an effect on their immunity as well. Salt therapy for kids has many health benefits.

1.      Salt therapy is a natural healing method that can improve your child’s health

2.      Helps children to boost their immune system

3.      Helps children to manage their nagging cold, asthma and other allergies.

4.      Salt’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help to clear child’s ear infections faster.

5.      Clears nasal passages by reducing mucus and swelling

6.      Eliminates pollutants and bacteria from the respiratory tract.

7.      Reduces the need for continuous medication for pediatric respiratory conditions.

8.      Salt therapy work in conjunction with existing medication, regular sessions results in even greater relief.

Is salt therapy good for children?

Salt therapy is not only for adults but for children too. In many ways similar to how adults benefit from salt therapy, children can also gain a lot from it. For children with certain respiratory conditions, allergies and common infections, dry salt therapy can make a big difference in their health, comfort and overall well-being. Clinical trials prove that children show effective improvement and symptoms reduce by 65 – 75% within the first five salt therapy sessions. Book your appointment today for the best kid friendly place in Bangalore and bring your kids in. All they need to do is breathe in and expose their affected skin to the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral microscopic salt particles.