Top 8 LGBTQ+ safe & friendly places / communities in Bengaluru

June 16, 2023
Did you know that Bengaluru has been at the forefront of inclusive LGBTQ rights?  In 1994, the first LGBT support group "Good As You"  was established and it is still active in Bengaluru.

1. Kitty Ko, Lalit Ashok Hotel

Kitty Ko is a famous nightclub at the Lalit Ashok Hotel in Bangalore. The ambiance is a fantastic fusion of good music, delicious food, great mocktails and an amazing crowd. Kitty Ko supports the LGBTQIA+ and drag community in the city by doing regular events with them.

2. Game Point

Game Point is a volunteer run non profit group which provides safe and inclusive space for queer and allies to play/learn badminton and socialize. Queer Badminton enthusiasts who play three days a week near Indiranagar and sometimes Whitefield.

3. Salt World, Salt Cave & Float Tank

Salt World is a wellness center located at HSR Layout, Bangalore which provides unique wellness experiences such as Salt Cave & Float Tank. Salt World is the safest & friendly inclusive wellness space for LGBTQ+ where couple experience is provided.

4. Out and About

Out and About - OOA is the India's first LGBTQ+ inclusive travel and experience community. OAA curates queer inclusive travels, treks, workshops and hangout. They offer end to end logistics, food, stay, and adventure within affordable packages.

5. Bengaluru Frontrunners

Bengaluru Frontrunners - an inclusive community for LGBTQIA+ running enthusiasts in Bangalore. They meet at Cubbon Park on every Sunday, at 7:30am. The club envisions to be a safe space for queer running enthusiasts and expects the members to be respectful of each other.

6. Chaifee Cafe

Chaiffee - LGBTQ+ friendly café located at Banashankari, Bangalore. Apart from the variety of food that they serve, they have two private movie screens, board games, a mini library for book lovers.

7. PrideCafe

PrideCafe - An inclusive mobile cafe run by LGBTQ+ community located at WeWork Galaxy, Residency Road, Bangalore. It is a first of its kind initiative in India, in partnership with Solidarity Foundation, to create cultural change and employment opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.

8. Qonnect

Qonnect - A platform to connect, collaborate and create a community of queer professionals. They conduct networking events, provide mentorship and startup ideas in various locations of Bangalore periodically.