Best ideas to celebrate Women's Day in Bangalore

February 24, 2024

Women’s day is globally celebrated on March 8th. Women’s day celebration is applied to all kinds of women whether it’s your mommy, wife, sister, colleague etc. This day is specially dedicated to women to celebrate their achievements and contributions. So, is one specific day enough to celebrate women? Definitely not. Women should be celebrated each day throughout the year because women are special. So what is special about women’s day celebrations? Consider this women’s day as a reminder to show love, care and appreciation to all the women in your life. If you are looking for best ideas to celebrate women’s day in Bengaluru, here is the best place in Bangalore where you can uniquely plan your celebration.

Celebrate Women’s Day at Salt World

Salt World is a wellness centre that offers salt cave therapy and float therapy where women can experience complete relaxation. Whether you are planning to take some time out and pamper yourself or spend the day with your colleagues, Salt World Bangalore offers unique services that fit your needs.

Salt World Services

  • Salt Cave Therapy
  • Float Therapy

Best ideas to celebrate Women's Day in Bangalore

  1. This women’s day pamper yourself with a relaxing float session

A float session at Salt World is a 60 mins floating in a tub filled with lukewarm water and Epsom salt. The zero-gravity environment lets you float freely where your body and mind are completely relieved from stress. After the session, you feel more active and rejuvenated. Women take a lot of stress in their daily lives. So, gifting yourself a complete relaxation session is the best way to spend this women’s day. Book your float session to witness the unique experience.

  1. Celebrate International Women’s Day with your team

If you are planning to celebrate international women’s day with your work team or friends, visiting salt cave at salt world will be a great option. If you and your colleagues are already booked with work commitments, family responsibilities and other activities, consider this women’s day 2024 as the best opportunity to invest in yourself. Have you visited salt cave in Bangalore? A Salt Cave is nothing but salt room that mimics the microclimate of a salt cave. You can comfortably sit in the chairs and read your favourite book while breathing in sodium rich air. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of dry salt provide various benefits and aid in treating various respiratory diseases. Salt cave or salt therapy experience will be similar to your spa experience as you can relax and destress after both sessions. This women’s day invest in yourself and choose a place where you can spend time with your colleagues and get healthy too.

  1. Buy gift cards - The Best Gift Idea for Women’s Day

As we know women rarely take time for themselves, a float session would make the best gift. One of the greatest things someone can be given is the ability to dedicate some relaxing time for themselves. At Salt World Bangalore you also have an option to buy gift cards for the float session. If you are planning for a gift idea for women’s day, buy gift cards in advance so that women can use them whenever they feel like relaxing. We are sure that float sessions at salt world will become your lifestyle eventually. These therapies are drugless, promote better sleep, reduce aches and moreover it relieves stress and anxiety. Give your women the best gift and an amazing experience they will cherish.