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Top 8 LGBTQ+ safe & friendly places / communities in Bengaluru

Did you know that Bengaluru has been at the forefront of inclusive LGBTQ rights? In 1994, the first LGBT support group "Good As You" was established and it is still active in Bengaluru.
June 16, 2023

Best kid friendly place in Bangalore - Salt Cave at Salt World

Best kid friendly place in Bangalore - Salt Cave at Salt World
April 10, 2023

Are float tanks safe during pregnancy? | Floating during pregnancy | Salt World

How is Float Tank safe during pregnancy?
March 20, 2023

Sensory deprivation tank benefits for skin and hair

How do float tanks benefit skin health and hair growth?
June 29, 2021

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Quit smoking and Breathe easy with Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy cleanses damaged lungs and Sensory Deprivation Therapy helps in De Addiction
January 27, 2021

Salt Therapy Yoga / Halite Yoga / Salt Room Yoga

What is Halite Yoga or Salt Room Yoga?
January 27, 2021

Floatation: The X-Factor for Sports persons & Fitness Enthusiasts

Float Therapy | Sensory Deprivation Tank | Isolation Tank | Float Tank for Sports persons at Bangalore
December 17, 2020

Couple’s Float Therapy to reconnect with your partner

Couple Float Therapy - Combining the benefits of deep transcendental meditation, contactless massage and retreat!
October 15, 2020

Flotation Therapy for Boosting the Immune System

How Float Therapy helps in boosting immunity?
July 28, 2020

Why Salt Therapy is Apt for Elderly

Salt Therapy for Elderly
April 2, 2020

Top IMMUNITY Boosting ideas with 10 easy recipes and tips to get you started

10 Easy Recipes to Boost Immunity
April 14, 2020

How Salt Therapy helps to increase Immunity

Increase Immunity with Salt Therapy
April 2, 2020

How Salt Therapy can cure Sinusitis

Salt therapy & Sinusitis
April 2, 2020

Does Salt therapy raise blood pressure

Salt Therapy & Blood Pressure
April 2, 2020

The Fantastic Float at Salt World - A beginner’s guide

Float Therapy or Sensory Deprivation Tank
December 11, 2019

Seven myths about Salt therapy

October 9, 2019

5 Reasons Why Salt therapy should be your routine

October 14, 2019

5 reasons why should you have salt therapy to treat allergies

October 14, 2019

Salt therapy for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

August 31, 2019