Flotation Therapy for Boosting the Immune System

July 28, 2020

Keeping the immune system healthier is everyone's priority now to defend from disease-causing microorganisms. Numerous studies have been conducted on the correlation between floatation therapy and being able to build a strong immune system. In the past few decades, especially in a 1983 study by neuroendocrinologist John Turner and psychologist Thomas Fine, the duo have demonstrated the benefits of this unique and effective therapy. They concur that floating in a high-concentration of salt water receptacle effectively brings down adrenaline and cortisol which are key factors that affect the body’s immune system. Many studies have also described a direct link between high levels of cortisol in the body and many subsequent propensity to various ailments. This hormone alters the immune system adversely and increases the effects of adrenaline on tissues of the body. 

How does floatation therapy help boost immunity?

De-stressing is something all physicians and healers keep recommending to their patients. While most people know that they should handle stress and remain stress free to become healthy, adding a stress-busting activity or hobby in itself becomes a stressful endeavour! Consequently, many such seekers of good immunity building activities or therapies, end up becoming disillusioned, or worse still, taking dependence-building drugs. 

Coming back to floatation or float therapy, all you need to do is enjoy the calm and soothing therapy, nothing to do, or think, just lay there with a warm feeling of being one with yourself. A meditative experience is guaranteed every time, without the need to follow any postures or breathing rhythms!

You will exit with a deep sense of calm and relaxed state of being, wanting to recreate it all the time. That is how floatation takes away one’s stress and anxiety and helps the body build-up its immune system. The key point here is helping the body make its defences robust, just like any country’s border security apparatus. When the immunity is strong, you will never have to pop another pill, the body will defend by itself, and that too without your knowledge. 

How stress adds-up over time? 

There has been proven studies on the body’s inbuilt ‘flight or fight’ mechanism which is triggered in a stressful situation. While the fight or flight is a good defence against sudden attacks, whether from external or internal ‘enemies’, if the body is stuck in this state for a long time, it becomes a major cause of stress and anxiety. The levels of stress only get added with every passing day and every unresolved trigger in our everyday lives.  

With the increase in the levels of stress, the levels of cortisols continue to build up in the body, further weakening the immune system. This is the major cause of concern for almost every urbanite and now even villagers are not too unaffected as they have also begun to adopt the citydweller’s unhealthy lifestyles!

So, what can be done?

Now, that is a million dollar question. Is it possible to remove the stress-inducing factors, the so-called triggers that make you stressed out and feeling anxious? Is it possible to fire your own boss? Highly unlikely. Can you make your employees become more productive, the way you want them to? That’s also not going to be an easy proposition. Is it possible to resolve nagging family issues with family, friends or siblings or even your local politician, who doesn’t bother to fix your roads, improve sanitation or similar niggles of city life? How about the unyielding traffic, the smoke and dust? The inconsiderate guy who always parks in your space or parks without looking for oncoming traffic? There are so many things in our daily routine that keep adding to our stress levels without us being able to keep track of them!

These are only a few of the  umpteen stress factors that could altogether or even singularly stress-out a person. 

The best available therapy to de-stressing and to bring about rejuvenation is Floatation Therapy!

Those who have taken a session will feel the difference and come back for more. It should be, ideally a part of life, de-stressing- so that you can combat the regular stress factors and never bring down your immunity levels. On the contrary, it will make your body’s immune system robust! 

I suggest you take a few floatation sessions and feel the difference!

Here are a few tips to boost the body’s immunity:

  • Float regularly to decrease stress
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – citrus, dark leafy greens, berries, garlic 
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take vitamin supplements – Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Elderberry 
  • Get plenty of sleep  – 7+ hours per night 
  • Limit your alcohol consumption
  • Go out in the morning sun and embrace the early morning natural scenes
  • Play outdoor sports that you enjoy
  • Go for a hike whenever possible, better yet, make a group