Does Salt therapy raise blood pressure

April 2, 2020

Does Salt therapy raise Blood Pressure?

It is usually common to have these kinds of questions before getting Salt therapy. Most people tend to ask "Does Salt therapy raise blood pressure?" before signing for salt therapy, a drugless treatment for all respiratory problems and skin disorders. This question arises from the fact that eating or consuming too much in one way or other will increase the blood pressure normally and increase the risk of strokes and heart attack. A person opting for salt therapy in India might have one or more conditions like High Blood pressure along with respiratory or skin disorders. But most of the times, conditions like high or low blood pressure are inherited genetically. The high blood pressure might also arise from highly stressful working conditions or high intake of salt. 

Still, people wonder if the salt used in the salt therapy session alters their blood pressure level. Does Salt Therapy raise blood pressure? is a good question with a very simple answer. No! Having Salt therapy on a regular basis will not increase or decrease blood pressure levels. With SaltWorld's salt therapy, the patient will inhale dry salt aerosol generated by the halogenerator. Halogenerator is a device used to grind the large salt chunks into microscopic salt therapy and purge the salt particles into the air inside the room where salt therapy is carried out. These salt particles used in salt therapy are free from all kinds of agents that trigger blood pressure levels. Because these salt particles are the pure form of NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and used in the salt therapy in its pure form without any kind of processing. Since the salt is inhaled, the patient shouldn't worry if it will enter into stomach or kidney or heart. 

Why it will increase the blood pressure?

The salt used in Salt therapy is of very low in concentration which is about 1-10mg/m3. But the doctors and physicians insinuate that a person is allowed to take salt whose concentration ranging from 1500 to 2300 mg without having any kind of harmful effects such as increase in blood pressure. As one can see that salt used in salt therapy is only a very minimal part of the daily recommended intake of salt. From this, we can assure that having salt therapy on a regular basis will not increase or alter the blood pressure level. Some reports claim that even if a person inhales daily recommended amount of salt, it won't cause any issue in terms of blood pressure as it will reach lungs and respiratory tracts to kill bacteria, inflammation and reduce mucus. 

SaltWorld's salt therapy is a drugless treatment to treat or to mitigate the problems relating to respiratory systems and skin disorders. SaltWorld provides the utmost care and responsively satisfying salt therapy to our patients at a very affordable price. Salt therapy is certified as safe to practice with no side effects by Doctors around the globe since it is an ancient therapy. 

Benefits of Salt Therapy 

The benefits you're going to get from breathing a dry salt aerosol in the salt cave is umpteen. Salt therapy will help you feel better and will enhance the moods and will set you free from any kind of mental stress. Additionally, salt therapy will clear the respiratory passages and kill bacteria in the respiratory system and lungs. It will help you clear out mucus and sinuses. Salt therapy is also advised to treat skin disorders like Psoriasis and Eczema.