Couple’s Float Therapy to reconnect with your partner

October 15, 2020

We all need a break from time to time. From the usual routine, the grind of chores or office work, negotiating with clients or the traffic (though not so much during the pandemic) and the various uncertainties that we have to deal with day in and day out.


Now, with the COVID-19 affecting people across the world and across all walks of life, even relationships are strained. Families and couples are finding it challenging to cope with a sudden confinement indoors, with little or no option to go out and socialize as before.


Relaxing or chilling is the last thing on our minds, most of the time, not because we don’t want to, but because we are always running short of time. Yet, as individuals and as couples, we need to find a definite way to not just beat the blues, heal and rejuvenate, but also rekindle the connection with our better half.


A reconnecting of souls, doing something together and is therapeutic at the same time. Couple’s Floatation Therapy at Salt World Bangalore, a contactless therapy is one activity that comes to mind that fulfils all the above!

The no touch therapy Floatation or Floating in a pool of water with high concentration of Epsom salt is quite an old and proven therapeutic method that helps relax our muscles, joints and help us calm down, mentally and physically. It has been reported by researchers that floating in a high concentration of Epsom salt for an hour can bring down the high rate of blood pressure and also the lower the hyperactivity in the brain.


Scientists have been telling us for over a decade now to switch off from the routine electronic dependence and focus on the body, mind and personal one-on-one interactions with loved ones and friends, to wind down. Yet, with every passing year we have added more baggage on our minds, piling on more data that we can handle comfortably, thanks in abundance to high speed internet and barrage of nonsensical social media ‘news’ and notifications. While we cannot do without the internet or connecting with people on social media, we can take active steps to actively wind down. 

But at Salt World initially we noticed that it was mostly the men who opted to float while their wives patiently waited for them. Though many of the husbands encouraged their wives, they refused saying that they were uncomfortable, scared or shy.

couple float therapy salt world bangalore


It is one of the main reasons founder of Salt World, Deepthi Babu decided to launch the Couple’s therapy within three months of launching the Float therapy.“We noticed that women were staying away from float therapy and this didn’t seem right. Women require equal time if not more to unwind, relax and recuperate. They too go through mental stress and fatigue, body pain and discomfort but most of the time they hide it. Hence, we launched the couple’s float on Valentine’s Day i.e. 14th February, 2019 so that women can float comfortably with the better halves. This step definitely helped women to overcome their fears, inhibitions, doubts and completely relax and unwind with their partners. It was a resounding success and several couples have since floated at Salt World. Once they overcome their fears, women then become confident and opt for a single float session because to achieve the maximum benefits of a sensory deprivation float experience, it’s imperative to float alone.”


As a result, floating in a salt water pool makes for an excellent relaxing and rejuvenating treat for the body and mind. Couples entering the floatation pool, hand in hand, can have a wonderfully relaxing and reassuring experience and float away the anxieties and mental fatigue that comes with our modern fast paced but highly demanding lifestyle.


Deepthi added that post the lockdown, there was an upsurge of couple’s float therapy as it was a safe and contactless therapy. “Salt is a natural sanitizer. It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. With the high concentration of Salt used in both therapies, be it Salt Therapy or Float Therapy, no microorganism can survive here. But we still take all the precautions as suggested by WHO of physical distancing, sanitization and frequent temperature checks. Both therapies do not require the manual intervention of a therapist or assistant. Once you enter our wellness center, you are guided to your respective therapies, with minimal contact with the staff.”

Numerous athletes, celebrities and social media influencers from across the world have tried it, more so post the COVID crisis, and have testified to the efficacy and benefits of floatation therapy.

Hence, couples can unwind by floating together, hand in hand, re-bonding with each other. At the end of the deeply relaxing floatation, couples can experience the benefit of a complete mind-body recalibration, something that’s quite difficult to achieve.


Couple’s Floating lasts one and half hours and can be extended if prior notice is given. 

Why not try out Floatation as a couple, and reconnect mind, body and soul?!


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