Floatation: The X-Factor for Sports persons & Fitness Enthusiasts

December 17, 2020

Anyone who is engaged actively in competitive sports like cricket, hockey, football, badminton or tennis and elite athletics will be aware of the need to maintain top physical fitness in the form of flexibility, muscle suppleness and strong bone density. Along with a highly disciplined fitness regimen, sports persons and fitness enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the most effective and viable options to help them recover from muscle fatigue, muscle soreness and deep chronic pain. Moreover, competing in a highly stressful environment, not only takes a toll on the body, but on the mind as well. Hence, it is vital for fitness hobbyists and those involved in competitive sports and to seek out options that focus on complete recuperation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Here, we explore an effective remedy to recover from sports injuries, tiredness, muscle pain, joint dislocation, mental fatigue etc.

Understanding Floatation Therapy

Floatation Therapy is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for them. The therapy, which was devised by John C. Lilly in 1954, an American physician, involves the removal of external stimuli sense as light, sound, smell. It involves floating in a large spacious tank called the ‘sensory deprivation tank’ that is filled with nearly 750 kgs of Epsom salt and 1000 litres of water. The high concentration of Magnesium Sulphate, which is the medical term for Epsom salt, helps in revitalizing muscles, lowering build up of lactic acid levels and boosts the immune system.

The high concentration of Epsom salt in water provides buoyancy, enabling effortless floating. Lying in zero gravity state in the supine position relaxes the Craniovertebral Junction, the point where the brain transitions into the spine, completely providing absolute mind and body relaxation. An equilibrium of sorts, is established, within the body, making the individual rejuvenated and ready for the next event or activity.

There have been numerous studies conducted that reveal that sportspersons, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit immensely from float therapy, working on the mind-body complex. Let’s dig deeper and unravel the scope of beneficial elements of floatation.

What concerns sportspersons?

Optimal performance with minimal injuries and shorter recovery periods are every sport person’s goal. At the moment, athletes are involved in a variety pre and post event preparations and activities. To be able to focus, deliver the very best of one’s capability is the goal here.

Float Therapy for Performance & Recovery

To achieve these ideal state, trainers, coaches and sports persons focus on training, nutrition, and recuperating right. They also undertake various therapies like physiotherapy, ice therapy, cupping therapy, heat therapy, massage therapy etc assist in speedy recovery from injuries and inflammation. Yet, there is a lot more desired for and achievable. Floatation provides just that. The Edge. The ‘X’ factor which can help boost mental clarity, performance and recovery and help one push to the highest level of excellence.

Float Therapy for Stronger bone health

People focus mostly on calcium and vitamin D for bone health. But the role of magnesium (which is present in Epsom salts) is largely ignored. Many health professionals suggest the use of magnesium supplements to athletes in order to reduce instances of muscle cramps and help speed-up the recovery process. Although, there have been numerous studies conducted that demonstrate the efficacy of magnesium intake, research indicates that the best way to absorb magnesium into the body is by soaking in pools or tubs filled with Epsom salts instead of oral supplementation.

Float Therapy for Muscle conditioning

Another aspect in vigorous sport activities is the build up of lactic acid which causes muscle soreness and joint pain. Floatation therapy helps to gradually release lactic acid and bring down soreness of muscles and helps alleviate fatigue.  Hence, athletes and coaches can experience the ‘performance and recuperative boost’ after taking regular floatation sessions.

Float Therapy for Meditative wellness

"Mind over matter", always matters! Volumes of research have been published about the benefits of meditation on the mind and body. The relaxation and rejuvenation experienced in Floatation therapy is akin to meditation, as the effects post floatation attest to the same. Lowered stress levels, calmness of the mind and relaxed sleep are few of the better known positives of floating in a pool of Epsom salts. Apart from the readily evident benefits of floatation, the most common positive feedback given by those who have experienced floatation therapy, is the feeling of being "energized and rejuvenated" at the same time! This is something worth experiencing, whether you are a competitive sports person, athlete or a fitness enthusiast.

Mr. Terry Phelan, a former footballer of FAIreland and current director of South United Sports Schools football club who had played various international matches, have visited Salt World (on 14-Jan-2021) to experience Sensory Deprivation at our Asia's largest zero gravity Float Tank for muscle recovery due to a sports injury.