How Salt Therapy can cure Sinusitis

April 2, 2020

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is contamination or infection of the sinuses which caused by bacteria, microorganism or virus resulting in the accumulation of the nasal passages and cavities. Sinus is a type of infection which cause the mucus to accumulate in all the nasal cavities. Most of the times, Sinusitis is caused due to inhaling the allergens in the atmosphere or environment that surrounds you. To prevent cause difficulties, it is recommended to use an Anti-Pollution mask. The common symptoms that are associated with Sinusitis are stuffy nose, headache, difficulty in breathing and thick mucus or nasal secretion which is either yellow or green or blood-tinged.

The other symptoms and signs that indicate Sinusitis are facial tenderness, sore throat, pain in the ears, teeth and sinuses, fatigue and excessive cough at night.

Halotherapy (halo means salt in Greek) is an ancient technique which uses the salt aerosols in a salt room where the walls and ceiling are made of salt to mimic the salt mines in the Greek nations. Salt room therapy at SaltWorld caters the therapy where the salt room is filled with the dry salt aerosols that are capable of healing various respiratory and pulmonary problems and skin disorders like Psoriasis and Eczema.

How Can Salt Therapy help to Cure Sinusitis?

Salt Therapy is a 100% drugless treatment and an alternative treatment that facilitates to mitigate or alleviate the signs and symptoms from allergies, sinusitis and other ENT related infections. Sometimes these allergies are very hard to cure and exist as a condition. But salt therapy in India will help to deal with them and mitigate the effects and symptoms effectively and efficiently. When you breathe in the dry microscopic salt particles generated by the Halogenerator, the salt penetrates into nasal passages and cavities to reduce swelling and inflammation, assisting to take the "stuffiness" away. It can also effectively reduce the redundant mucus lining. 

Your nasal passages will start to open certainly, without using nasal sprays and decongestants. The mucus then clears out and sinus strain is relieved. Not handiest are you helping together with your signs, but the salt is likewise running to help fight the contamination and save you it from coming back.

Salt Therapy is likewise regarded to alleviate ear infections. During salt therapy, the microscopic salt particles will reach the deepest ear canal, thus, help to relieve pain or strain in the ears. This strain and discomfort in the ears are the reason why kids, even adults, usually fuss or cry.

Following a routine of salt therapy, at SaltWorld, visits will effectively lessen the effects and symptoms of Sinusitis. Thus providing a safe and drugless relief to Sinusitis. Salt therapy will also help to boost the immune system and preserving our body's health conditions. Results can also vary from client to client as the body conditions and immune levels vary. So we, at SaltWorld, highly recommend consulting a doctor for the feasibility of getting Salt therapy to cure Sinusitis. 

Salt particles have properties that are key to flush out toxins and impurities when we accidentally breathe in on a daily basis. So, Salt therapy can help to enhance overall health conditions. Halotherapy is an ancient therapy or remedy conducted in an air-conditioned room where the air filled with microscopic salt Particles generated by the halogenerator. SaltWorld's salt room or salt cave are maintained and controlled with the pure untreated salt particles from the halogenerator. When these salt particles are breathed in, it will reach into deep portions of all the respiratory system and tissues. And it’s anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties will help to mitigate respiratory conditions offering a better exceptional solution for Sinusitis obviously without medicinal drugs or side-effects.

Therefore in case of sinusitis:

  1. Salt therapy can ease your sinus contamination by eliminating the blockages in the sinus tract so that you can eliminate the ache-inducing vacuum effect on the sinus.
  2. The salt particles reach will the deepest cavities and tissues and helps to flush out toxins, allergens and excessive mucus in no time. 
  3. It will reduce oedema of the nasal blockage which in turn results in widening of the nasal cavities and passages within the nostril and the tubes of the sinuses.
  4. Salt therapy also reduces all kinds of infections and contamination by killing bacteria and viruses.
  5. It will additionally help to enhance the immune system consequently by completely eliminating the possibility of frequent sinusitis infections.