Bronchiectasis signs and symptoms

March 7, 2022
Bronchiectasis symptoms can take months or years to appear, and they get worse over time. The two main symptoms are daily coughing and mucous production (sputum).
Other common signs and symptoms of bronchiectasis disease include :
Coughing up yellow or green mucous on a regular basis
Breathing problems that worsen during flare-ups
Fatigue, tiredness, or a sense of being run-down
Feelings of jitters and/or chills
A whistling or wheezing sound may be heard during breathing.
Hemoptysis is a disorder in which you cough up blood or mucus mixed with blood.
Increased struggle to breathe causes chest pain.
The swelling of the skin beneath the nails is known as clubbing.Salt Therapy for bronchiectasis at Saltworld keeps you fresh for days.