With the help of salt therapy, you can overcome all these problems and get a sound sleep.

April 21, 2019

Relax & Sleep

How Salt Therapy helps to relax & sleep better, reduced snoring?

Does your partner snore a lot? I know many of us face this issue and sometimes it can be troublesome. Imagine a situation where you want to fall asleep, but the snore keeps on hampering your sound sleep. Well, there are many claims to solve this problem, You can switch to medication but finding a natural remedy is great. Salt therapy has emerged as a popular solution for many such problems.

What is the Snoring problem?

Well, before heading to understand more about salt therapy and its use in curing the issues of snoring, we must know what this problem is. It is the vibration of the respiratory structure which causes sound. It is due to the obstructed air movement while someone breathes during sleeping. This noise can be soft, or sometimes in graver issues, the sound is very loud. Apart from this, there is a problem of sleep apnea wherein the lung doesn’t get enough oxygen causing irritability, lethargy, drowsiness and lack of focus. 

With the help of salt therapy, you can overcome all these problems and get a sound sleep. Poor sleeping patterns do not affect your health, but at the same time, it may result in irritation, poor performance at work, lack of energy and lethargy. Thus, it becomes important that one must have a sound sleep.

How does Salt therapy help?

Salt therapy is used for curing many disease relation to skin and respiratory system. The salt particles carry properties like anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, anti-histamine, etc. which helps in curing many issues which other need medical attention.

Let's see how it works for curing the snoring problem

The salt therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free and natural way to get rid of snoring problem. Salt is compsed of tow ions, sodium which is positive and chloride which are negative. Once you start breathing the salt particles enter your lungs and releases native ions. This helps in clearing the mucous layer and thus, enhancing better air flow. It also helps in improving the immune system. 

Halotherapy/Salt therapy involves sitting in a salt chamber or salt caves as it is popular known. In this chamber, you get exposed to salt particles and reap benefits out of it. Usually, a sitting is for 45minutes to an hour. Because of high concentration of salt in the room, there are no allergens and pathogens. Thus, making the salt cave a pathogen-free area which further enhances the effectiveness of this treatment.

Goodbye sheeps and welcome sleep

You would have often heard people counting sheeps when they are not able to sleep, but this doesn’t work every time. If sleeplessness is because of poor oxygen flow or blockage in the air page, you need special treatment for the same. Here comes the role of salt therapy. The anti0micorbial and antihistamine property of salt help in the proper flow of oxygen and clearing the air passage resulting in better oxygen intake. Optimal oxygen level in the body ensures that your body is relaxed and you get better sleep.

The bottom line

Well, this therapy was being used since the 11th century. However, it has gained popularity only recently. The rise of salt chambers shows that people are now more inclined towards natural way of treating diseases. Salt therapy is clinically proven to be an effective way to get rid of diseases. Additionally, it can be used on people of all age group without worrying about side effects. Thus, if you are facing the issues of sleep apnea or snoring, this is a must try the solution.