COPD without mucus

March 24, 2022
In fact, most people are unaware that they have COPD until it is too late. It usually begins with a persistent COPD cough. It could be dry, or it could be clear, white, yellow, or green mucus. You may also experience shortness of breath from time to time, especially if you push yourself.

Chronic shortness of breath and a cough are common emphysema symptoms. Mucus may or may not be produced by the cough. However, a person with COPD may exhibit other COPD symptoms in addition to coughing. Mucus production is higher in some COPD patients. This is due to the fact that they have more goblet cells than persons who do not have COPD. In addition, they may have enlarged mucus glands in their airways.Stay active with Salt Therapy for COPD at Saltworld.