Can allergies cause headaches?

April 22, 2022
Allergies or sinus difficulties might cause a person to experience headaches on occasion. Rhinitis (hay fever) causes headaches, which can be caused by sinus inflammation in and around the nasal passages. According to headache specialists, sinus headaches are difficult to diagnose since real sinus headaches are uncommon. It's more likely that you have a migraine headache than allergies if you have a headache together with seasonal and indoor nasal allergies.
Food allergies—There is a link between food allergies and headaches. Congestion in the nose and sinuses can be caused by seasonal allergies. Sinus headaches are common as a result of this pressure. Nasal congestion,runny nose and  sneezing, and other sinus symptoms are common with allergy headaches.Stay happy and healthy with Salt Therapy for Allergies at Saltworld.