Top 5 unique experiences in Bangalore

September 29, 2021

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is a beautiful city and is one of India’s most thriving metropolitan cities. Bangalore is a blend of cultures, nourished by its beauty and salubrious climate. Its vibrant local culture and leading IT industry draw the attention of many students, tourists and professionals from across the country. Also known as “The Silicon Valley of India” and “Garden City”, Bangalore has a lot to offer ranging from unique places of interest to favourite nightlife experiences. Get ready to explore the best unique experiences in Bangalore.

Top 5 unique experiences in Bangalore

What are the best places to visit in Bangalore? If you are looking to have a fun-filled time along with some thrill and excitement, here are some of the incredibly unique places to visit in Bangalore. The spellbinding beauty of the city and the pleasant weather can only be experienced by visiting the best unique places listed below. Make the most of your time with never-ending fun and entertainment.

1.    Microlight Flying

If you are an adventure lover, it’s time to try the microlight flying in Bangalore. Fly at the height of 4000 feet and witness the fascinating beauty of this majestic city. This 10 min ride in the sky is the most enjoyable and adventurous activity. Microlight flying in Bangalore is exciting when you get to see the bird-eye view of the city. Book your session and enjoy the thrill of flying like a bird over the Garden city. Enjoy the dazzling beauty of Bangalore with this adventure filled ride.


·       Enjoy enthralling views of the city at a height of 4,000 feet.

·       A blend of fun, entertainment and thrill

·       10 min unforgettable ride in the sky under the guidance of an expert pilot


2.    Salt World

Salt World is a wellness center and a perfect place to relax and heal where you can to reduce your stress, enhance your mood and overall wellbeing. Salt world offers natural and drugless therapies such as salt therapy and floatation therapy with the help of which an individual can discover a healthier and better version of himself.

Salt Therapy is a natural treatment carried out under simulated conditions of a natural salt cave. This salt room has salt-made walls and is filled with salt-laden air generated by the Halogenerator. Relax and inhale the microscopic minute salt particles that help to refresh and rejuvenate from various respiratory and skin conditions. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of salt help to cleanse your lungs and respiratory tract from pathogens, allergens, smoke residues and other impurities. 

As the experience is non-invasive, children will never realize that they are being treated. All they need to do is breathe and expose their affected skin. Our play and heal room has everything from toys, puzzles, games, books to keep them engaged. We recommend salt therapy for children above 6 months of age.


·       Salt Therapy in India is suitable for both kids and adults.

·       Safe and natural healing therapy to improve a child’s immunity.

·       Cure some skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne and get relief from various chronic respiratory conditions and asthma.

·       Studies show that salt therapy benefits individuals exposed to COVID-19 to recover from damaged lungs and other physical and emotional problems encountered from COVID-19 exposure.

Sensory deprivation tank in Bangalore helps you to reawaken and refresh your mind. Effortless floating in a float tank filled with Epsom salt is the best way to completely relax your body and mind and reconnect with yourself. From improved sleep performance to migraine relief, there are several physical, mental and spiritual benefits experienced after regular float sessions.


·       Couple float therapy – Specially designed for couples to float together and re-bond with each other. 

·       Body’s natural abilities to heal, concentrate and enhance creativity are heightened.

·       Experience the power of nothingness in the absence of light, sound and gravity.

·       A unique experience to explore your insightful creativity in the India’s largest float tank.



3.    Snow City

Snow city is one of the super cool attractions in Bangalore located in J.C Nagar.  This unique theme park is spread across 12,500 square feet where you can experience -5° Celsius temperatures even during scorching summers. Once you enter inside all you can find is edible and eco-friendly snow along with many snow-based activities and games. There are also many adventurous and engaging activities like Snow Tubes, Snow Slide, Snow Rafting, and more. Spend some memorable time with thrilling rides and the simple joy of playing in the snow at this winter-themed paradise.


·       Largest indoor snow park in South India

·       Main attractions include: snow-based activities, snow dance, interactive games, 9D cinema

·       Have never-ending fun by hosting host a one-of-its-kind birthday party at snow city, Bangalore.


4.    Vineyard Tour

Are you a wine lover and want to know more about it from the source? Then sign-up for a day of fun at gorgeous vineyards near Bangalore. Explore through vineyards, enjoy wine tasting and relax at these winery tours. A vineyard visit in Bangalore has become the perfect choice for those who love to learn the wine-making process spend their time indulging in some of the best fascinating activities in Bangalore.


·       Ideal tour for wine lovers

·       Enjoy wine tastings and explore more about the history of wine

·       There are different tours in which guides will take you around and explain how different types of wines are produced.


5.    Prani - The Pet Sanctuary

Prani - The Pet Sanctuary, is an amazing place to visit with family and friends. This Bangalore-based start up with an initiative of into the wild is a one of its kind experiential education parks. The pet sanctuary focuses on how humans can change their collective behaviour and thinking about animals and aims to live in a world where humans and animals can safely co-exist. Sign up for a guided tour at this interactive animal-centric pet sanctuary. For those who love to interact with and observe animals, this pet sanctuary in Bangalore is the perfect place to visit.


·       Services include: The Farm visit, Camp with Us, Prani on Wheels, Hello Class

·       Connect with nature and experience safe, peaceful encounters with animals and birds.

·       Prani, The Pet sanctuary in Bangalore is home to over 700+ rescued animals and birds.

Bangalore is a city of experiences where every experience is full of fun and entertainment. For those who love visiting unique places in Bangalore, plan your trip to visit the above-listed places and get indulged in the fascinating encounters.

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