How does floatation therapy / float therapy help to relieve migraines?

April 8, 2021

What is a sensory deprivation tank? In simple words, a sensory deprivation tank therapy also called float therapy or floatation therapy is a man-made tank filled with lukewarm water and Epsom salt that enables you to experience a completely relaxed form of float therapy. The sensory deprivation tank is designed to be dark and soundproof so that with a lack of external stimulation, a person can relax and get relieved from stress and anxiety. Studies indicate that floating in a sensory deprivation tank increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosts your mental clarity and creativity. Experience nothingness with every float session and reset your mind and body.

Benefits of Sensory deprivation tank therapy

Float therapy is the best and effective way to achieve deep relaxation and refreshed mind. The results of floating stay for a few days after your floating session.

  • The process of flotation therapy is a scientifically proven method of reducing stress, anxiety, speeding up recovery.
  •  Floating in a zero-gravity environment benefits to relax your brain and discover a newly refreshed self. 
  • The high concentration of Epsom salt in the float tank provides buoyancy, enabling effortless and weightless floating.
  •  While floating in a private float tank, you are free from mental and physical strain and your mind can easily enter a meditative state where your body can rapidly heal from aches and injuries.
  •  Deepen your awareness and experience the best sensory deprivation tank experience at saltworld.

Floatation therapy for migraine relief

You can now find relief for your migraine with floatation therapy. Floating is an easy, natural and drug-free way of treating your body from chronic pains and headaches. When you achieve a deep relaxed state, your body and mind will utilize their natural resources to heal pain and headaches. Sensory deprivation tank or floatation tank is filled with 700kg  Epsom salt which is magnesium sulfate. While floating in the tank weightless, this natural pure magnesium is absorbed into the skin and your body is able to get a sufficient intake of this mineral which helps in preventing migraine attacks that are caused by magnesium deficiency. Float therapy worked like a miracle for many people suffering from migraines.

How does floatation therapy help to relieve migraines?

Float therapy enhances deep relaxation and provides many physical and mental benefits. Studies suggest that during this state of supreme relaxation, the body stimulates the release of endorphins, that act as painkillers. As muscles relax, blood flow increases countering blood vessel constriction, and the body's natural healing capability is evoked. With all these happening, the body will slowly recalibrate its chemicals and metabolic levels, decreasing the chance of imbalances and stress that may lead to a migraine attack.

Have you ever tried floatation therapy for migraine cure? If not, book your float session at saltworld and experience the fantastic drug-free therapy to treat your chronic pains and migraines with a float in the mineral-rich water. Regular floating for deep relaxation, reduced stress and relaxed muscles will effectively reduce migraine attacks.