Salt Therapy / Halotherapy treatment for post COVID recovery

May 15, 2021

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy also called Halotherapy is a natural relaxing therapy that involves inhaling microscopic pharmaceutical-grade dry salt in a closed, controlled environment. This is a natural and drugless remedy that benefits people suffering from various respiratory and skin conditions. A special device called halogenerator will disperse dry aerosol salt particles into the salt room where you sit and relax. The natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of medical- grade salt used in salt rooms in India help to strengthen respiratory health and overall health and wellness.

Salt Therapy / Halotherapy treatment for post COVID-19 recovery


The current COVID-19 pandemics is the greatest challenge we are facing right now. COVID-19 is affecting people in different ways. From fever, dry cough and headache to respiratory issues and severe weakness, different people are affected differently due to coronavirus. In some people coronavirus has a severe effect on the respiratory system. Patients recovered from COVID-19 are still facing issues to use their previous lung capacity and fight the post recovery weakness. This led to the emergence of alternative methods in healing patients to improve their breathing capacity and treat COVID-19 symptoms.

Halotherapy also known as Salt Therapy is an alternate method to recover from chronic respiratory diseases. Studies suggest that salt room therapy is a natural and reliable therapy for respiratory infections and thereby enhances lung capacity and oxygen intake. More recent studies have been conducted to show Salt Therapy treatments benefit individuals exposed to COVID-19 to recover from damaged lungs and other problems encountered from COVID-19 exposure such as fatigue, weakness. Salt room therapy helps to deal with emotional and physical stress post COVID-19 and promotes overall well-being.

During the Salt Therapy session, the microscopic salt particles are inhaled into the airways and lungs. This helps to thin and break up the mucus, reduces inflammation and results in open airways. This super absorbent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory salt particles absorb allergens, toxins and foreign substances into your lungs and cleanses your lungs of pathogens, smoke residues and pollutants.

In the recent research article published on, The Importance of Halotherapy in the Treatment of COVID-19 Related Diseases is discussed. You can read the full research paper here.

How does Salt Therapy help in post COVID recovery?

Salt Therapy promotes respiratory healing and is a natural remedy to treat the symptoms of many respiratory and skin conditions. Salt Therapy in India improves general respiratory hygiene and has an important place in alternative medicine. When dry salt particles are inhaled into the upper part of a person’s lower respiratory tract, it helps to treat various respiratory alignment symptoms and contributes to clearing the airways. Salt Therapy helps people exposed to COVID-19 to recover from their respiratory illness and provides improved breathing, increased lung capacity and promotes more oxygen intake. This is how it works. 

When pollutants, bacteria, allergens and other irritating factors wear down our respiratory system, it causes breathing difficulties and sickness. During Salt Therapy, as the salt particles travelled throughout the room, they are inhaled into the respiratory system. Salt absorbs allergens, toxins and other foreign substances, eliminates the residual tar and helps to accelerate the transportation of mucus. This process helps to cleanse and detoxify the lungs and clean the respiratory tract. A cleaner respiratory system naturally results in increased oxygen intake and increased energy.

A recent article about the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poland states that patients who tried Salt Therapy after being exposed to COVID-19 are seeing positive results in breathing better and overall physical health. They are happy and satisfied with the benefits of Salt Therapy in post COVID-19 recovery.

Salt Therapy to reduce risk of possible COVID-19 infection

With many people thinking about respiratory distress caused by COVID-19, many people are looking for extra measures to stay healthy and reduce the risk of getting infected.

    1. Dry Salt Therapy is a wellness practice anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle. 
    2. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the medical grade salt used in salt rooms absorb allergens and toxins in the respiratory system.
    3. This therapy helps to open and clear airways and promotes overall respiratory hygiene which is an extra precaution in the current COVID-19 situation.
    4. In addition to the respiratory benefits, dry Salt Therapy helps to relieve stress, fatigue and headache.
    5. Salt Therapy helps to boost the immune system. A stronger immune system helps you to fight viruses and common bugs such as cold, flu etc.
    6. Salt Therapy in India has no serious side effects.

Book your Salt Therapy session now

Visit and book your Salt Therapy session now. We use 100% pharmaceutical grade salt for the treatment which meets the specifications for use in Halogenerators. Our team is always committed to taking good care of our clients and staff. We keep our premises and facility clean and disinfected. In regard to the current COVID-19 situation, we take additional measures and follow the protocols to ensure we provide the best Salt Therapy services.

Book your session now and treat your respiratory disorders and other respiratory and skin conditions at our salt rooms.

Note: Salt Therapy is not a treatment for COVID-19, however it helps people exposed to COVID-19 to recover from their respiratory illness and provides improved breathing, increased lung capacity and promotes more oxygen intake.