How to get rid of your frequent cold and flu naturally?

April 21, 2019

Come winter season and it’s a known fact that catching a common cold and flu is just a matter of time. With a weak immune system, the frequency of catching cold and flu increases drastically. One member of the family, a colleague in your office or a passerby needs to sneeze or cough and you could immediately catch one too.

So what causes cold and flu? Both common cold and flu are respiratory ailments but they are caused by different viruses. While the symptoms of common cold are running nose, excess mucous formation and nasal congestion, flu is a more severe condition starting with sore throat, running nose, persistent cough, body ache followed by fever.

A common cold usually disappears naturally within 7 to 10 days with adequate rest and light diet. But flu may take a longer time and a prescribed medication by a doctor is required. In most cases, a course of antibiotics will also be prescribed.

But in the mad rush that we live in, it has become a norm to pop a pill at the slightest discomfort that our bodies feel. Over a period of time this dependence on ‘instant cure’ causes a severe damage to the body leading to a weak immune system and causing it to overreact to the slightest trigger like dust, mite or dander. It’s a vicious circle of taking ill and pill popping which over a period of time takes a toll over the body and makes it resistant to many drugs.

People are now becoming aware of the negative side effects of the increased dependence on antibiotics and other suppressive drugs. Hence, they are looking for natural, supportive and drugless alternatives.

Salt Therapy is the best alternative to solve your frequent cold and flu occurrences. This European based therapy uses salt to soothe and heal the body from within. Salt therapy takes places in a room where the walls and floors are covered with salt and one inhales dry salt aerosol which is dispersed through the help of a halogenerator.

Salt has been lauded for its healing properties since ancient time and in modern medicine too is known for its anti-bacteria, anti- virus, anti-fungal and anti-histamine properties. The tiny salt particles enter the airways and goes deep into the lungs thinning the mucous and ridding it off dust, allergens and pollen. It also destroys the virus and bacteria present in the inner lining of the track and clear away the infections.

In a matter of few weeks one can witness a pronounced difference in one’s health in the following ways

  • Sooth the internal inflammation and helps widen the respiratory tract.
  • Clears the accumulated mucous.
  • Removes infection by killing bacteria.
  • Improves the ability to breathe naturally without much congestion

Several clinical studies have shown Salt therapy for kids to be extremely safe too. Babies as young as six months old, can start salt therapy to reduce the incidence of frequent cold and cough, congestion and infection. Regular sessions also help to improve their lung capacity which further helps to improve their breathing pattern. It improves their overall immunity and builds their body resistance to fight off infections.

This is what one of the Salt Therapy recipient says,

"In winters, my four-year-old always suffers from a persistent cold. No matter how many medicines we have given to our daughter, the cold doesn’t get cured, leading to many sleepless nights. Traditional methods such as inhaling steam never worked because she wouldn’t cooperate. And the cycle with medicines was endless. We made her drowsy but she would never recover from cold completely. Finally we landed at Salt World to try Salt Therapy. My daughter didn’t even realise she was being treated. All she had to do was sit in the room and play with the toys there. It was like playing in a sand pit, but with salt. We tried it for a month and noticed a difference in our daughter’s health within two weeks. This winter, two weeks was enough to improve her health"

Click here to read the detailed article published in New Indian Express news paper on 02-Jan-2019.