Top Breathing Techniques for Runners

April 21, 2019

Top Breathing Techniques for Runners

Being healthy and fit is the most important item on most people's 'bucket list'. Although that is easier said than done, everyone with that goal strives hard to put in at least 5 hours a week of exercise. The favorite exercise for many is RUNNING- plain and simple. However, newbies to the workout scene tend to commit many cardinal mistakes that can do more harm than good! Here we will explore best breathing techniques for running.

How to breathe better

Breathing correctly and maintaining a good rhythm is something that is even more crucial in running, and many other sports and games. Deep, full breathing through the nose with a slow and rhythmic inhalation and exhalation is what everyone should aspire to achieve, whether during work, play or at rest! Most of the time, we are all breathing very shallow, utilizing only the upper most part of our lungs and very little use of our diaphragm! Shallow breathing in itself is known to pave the way for many health issues, not to mention keeping you fatigued and under performing at your work place and the running arena.  You should make it a habit first and foremost to sit straight, no matter where you are and what you are doing. A straight spine easily lends to a smooth rhythmic and deep breath intake and exhalation. With every deep inhalation, we are actually regenerating our vitality and getting invigorated and with every exhalation we are expelling harmful toxins and relaxing the body!

Breathing exercise for runners

Correct breathing techniques can be easily incorporated by practicing ancient Indian Yogic practices of Pranayam, which involves strict posture correction and maintenance and deep controlled breathing. One of the most popular breathing exercise routines which can be incorporated by runners as well, is known as Anulom-Vilom Pranayam which is alternate nostril breathing and left-nostril breathing known as Chandra Vilom where one deeply inhales and exhales from the left nostril only.

Breathing through the nose is the only way to go, not mouth breathing, which is why many people including smokers tend to attract numerous diseases, apart from the obvious chemical poisoning from the cigarettes.

Runners who have breathing problems or have had asthma or related issues must, first get themselves checked by a physician and follow the above approach to running as a sport and for fitness.

Keeping the nasal cavity and breathing canal moist and warm especially during running sessions in cold and dry weather will help prevent breathing difficulties. Also, small spurts of running activity, interspersed with periods of rest and stretching is advisable rather than going all out and run 10 kilometers when you know that you are used to running only 3 kilometers!

While it is easy to mention that one must take precaution to stay away from pollution, allergens and triggers for asthma or similar breathing issues while running, there is no one fool-proof remedy. You can always start with buying a certified anti-pollution mask that will guarantee your safety, while you are breathing polluted air outside - in the park, road or near traffic! Several studies indicate that N99 antipollution mask is best suited to counter the high and rising pollution in Bangalore. This specific mask can filter 99 percent of the Particular Matter, which in simple words are various forms of pollutants.

Salt Therapy is another important recuperate and regenerative alternative that can help runners and sports athletes, and those working out, to improve their endurance and lung capacity. Regular sessions also improve stamina and soothe the lungs from inflammation and fatigue!

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